Selfie Scene App (UI/UX)

A Selfie with a view!

Selfie Scene is an app to take panoramic pictures using the front-facing camera of your iPhone. It offers a way to take a selfie without your face taking up the whole picture or a group picture without unnecessary accessories like a selfie stick. Who wants to carry extra things when there can be a software version that serves the same purpose?
Boot up page/splash screen before app loads
Imagine you have a bird’s eye view of your phone; the white line in the Selfie Scene logo is your phone normally, iPhone position 1 in the picture above. The diagonal lines from the top left to bottom-right is how you turn your phone, iPhone position 2, to get the scene to the left of you.  The diagonal lines from the top right to bottom-left is how you turn your phone, iPhone position 3, to get the scene to the right of you. All of this combines to form a panoramic selfie. Next is an overview of six more screens of the app in action. 
This is your main view with the live camera feed taking up the screen. Tap the icon on either the left or right side of the mini-picture to change the focal point away from the center. Tap the lower-right icon to change the width of the selfie.
This is the menu to choose the width of your selfie. Choices range from one person comfortably to several people with plenty of wiggle room! You do not necessarily need that many people, it is just an approximation of the widths of each option.
The center circle turns green to show it is in the process of taking a selfie. A green arrow pointing to the left lights to let you know to turn that way, and it is being covered up by the picture during the process.
This is when your reached the end of the swivel to the left side. A green arrow pointing to the right lights up, and the turn indicator around the camera button also turns green when the proper angle is reached. White lines will spin the other way as you turn your phone.
The Panorama selfie is nearly complete. The second set of turn indicators around the camera button turn green when the proper angle is reached. You are just about done.
Selfie is properly stitched and one panorama selfie is created. Tap the top-left button for filters, the top-right to delete the picture, the bottom-left to see other selfies you have taken, the bottom-right to share, and then take another selfie!
A finished shot with the selfie focus being in the middle
A finished shot with the selfie focus being to the side

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