Conceptualize. Visualize. Experiment. Create. Fail. Adapt. Learn. Design. Refine. Repeat. This is my version of the Design Process. For graphic designers, and all artists alike, I feel this is a fitting interpretation. The process is in the shape of a wheel because it is never ending, and visualizes the last step of “Repeat”; but, the wheel is not perfectly round. The wheel creeps in at “Repeat,” and jets back out at “Conceptualize”. If this was a wheel of a car, it would be a bumpy ride. It acts as a representation that starting a brand new project and coming up with new, good concepts is the hardest part. As the project goes on, it gets a little easier every step afterwards, until it all starts again. Since this poster is for Montclair State University’s Graphic Design BFA program, that required copy is in the bottom-right corner along with the GD program‘s logo, coated in a contrasting purple when compared to the background.
A lot of code for just one poster, huh? I’ll say.

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